The Ceenex team are consistently searching for “cum laude business engineers” wanting to participate in and commit to our business model. Typically your core qualifications should be in the engineering, management, computer sciences, financial, communications, legal or human resources fields, with in-depth knowledge of one or more of the “big five” business dimensions i.e. strategy, structure, process, systems and resources. The kind of individuals that we are looking for should be able to demonstrate capacity and/or capability to:

  • Solving a broad range of complex challenges
  • Delivery of innovative solutions
  • Do assignments that require multi-skilling across functional discipline, industry, sector and locality
  • Cum laude or best of breed approach
  • Extraordinary commitment and loyalty
  • Contribute to exceptional value adding
  • Do and share networking and customer orientation

Should you be interested to join our work community, please submit your resumé and contact details to

For details of the Resident Engineer vacancy please go here