Executive Team

Ceenex consists of a team of Engineers with extensive international experience in the Mining, Construction and Chemical Industry Sectors, Central & Municipal Government, Transportation as well as Public and Private Utilities. Primary competencies include strategy delivery, business engineering (structuring, processes, systems and resourcing), information management, systems and technology.

Ceenex resources cover a variety of disciplines providing functional diversity and sectoral strength.

Michele A. McDonald

Pr Eng
B.Eng. (Civil) cum laude, University of Pretoria
B.Eng. Hons cum laude, University of Pretoria

Imre Viljoen

B.Eng (Industrial) cum laude, University of Pretoria

Sarel Holtzhausen

Pr Eng
B.Eng (Civil), University of Pretoria;
BEng (Hons) Water Resource Engineering