18 May 2016

Ceenex and Chillisoft launches the ADISA App at the WISA 2016 conference

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This tablet-based application (App) enables Water Purification Plant and Wastewater Treatment Plant operators to capture plant performance parameters for various process control points on a set interval (e.g. two-hourly). Notification is immediately flagged to the operator should results exceed the standards set for a specific control point, and management is notified when critical limits are exceeded and when failures become frequent. Management can view a dashboard and detailed reports on the web of the water quality and consumption patterns and is able to report its operational compliance and performance.

The App uploads results as they are entered via GPRS/3G to the Cloud. The system was developed to work equally well in rural areas where there are frequent connection issues by storing entered data until a reliable connection can be made. The data a stored centrally, relieving the plant of the burden of maintaining the technology infrastructure.

For more information, see http://www.chillisoft.co.za/adisa/ or contact Michele McDonald 0n 082-412-4509

11 Feb 2016

Ceenex is now a proud member of CESA (Consulting Engineers South Africa)

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View on CESA website

09 Dec 2015

Simio 8 released

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In Simio’s continued effort to pursue Forward Thinking, they are proud to announce that Simio 8 will be available for download early December 2015!

Simio has made great strides to make awesome advancements since Release 7.124 this summer. In addition to the launch of Simio Portal, Simio has also added some great features. Some of the features include:
• Enhanced the Task Sequence / Processing Tasks features within the Server to provide the flexibility of specifying multiple resources for any given task
• Material related changes such as including enhancements to the Reserve, UnReserve, Produce and Consume steps
• Task Sequences option on processing has been added to Combiner/Separator objects for greater flexibility in scheduling
• Significant new enhancements to Enterprise scheduling features and Gantt charts
• New scheduling book and examples included with the install

Visit Simio.com for more information

15 May 2015

Ceenex achieves a B-BBEE Level 2 score

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Ceenex (Pty) Ltd is committed to the development and the advancement of economic transformation in South Africa. Ceenex is therefore proud to announce the achievement of a B-BBEE Level 2 rating for the period 2015/2016.

10 Jul 2014

Ceenex is ISO9001:2008 certified

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Ceenex’s management system has been certified to comply with the requirements of ISO9001:2008. Ceenex (Pty) Ltd ISO9001 (8530).

26 Apr 2012

WISA 2012/2013 Council Election Results

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WISA is very excited to announce the results of the recently held elections. The newly elected Council members will take up their seat on the Council at the AGM taking place on 7 May 2012.

Congratulations to the following members on their appoint to the WISA Council:
• Mr Johan Wagner
• Dr Harrison Pienaar
• Mr Paul Gaydon
• Dr TG Barnard
• Mr Farouk Robertson

Yours Faithfully,
Mr Anderson Mancotywa
WISA President

20 May 2011

Ceenex and Norbridge provide insight on process improvement and the application of modeling tools in the mining industry

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(May 2011) McLean, VA – Martin Franklin (Ceenex LC) and Pete Fordham (Norbridge, Inc.) hosted a seminar on “Process Improvement and the Application of Modeling Tools in the Mining Industry” as part of the 5th International Industry Summit on Mining Performance recently held in Rapid City, SD. The Summit brings together top leaders in the industry, and attendees share their expertise on cost containment, increasing safety and productivity performance, organizational change, risk management, and sustainability towards improving business improvement efforts. Read more

21 May 2010

Ceenex and partners aim to get rail back on track

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(May 2010) Arlington, VA – Ceenex aligned with Maendeleo Ventures, LLC and its partners to provide solutions to the railroad industry. The joint offering, Maendeleo Rail, aim to leverage the Revolutionizing Rail strategy. Revolutionizing Rail is a holistic strategy for returning railroads to excessive profitability. Read more

22 Mar 2010

Ceenex LC aligns with Simio, LLC

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(March 2010) Arlington, VA – Ceenex LC is excited to announce the new role as authorized representative for Simio, LLC, developer of 3D simulation software. Ceenex is an independent management, technology and engineering solutions provider who excel at assisting clients with either basic or complex decision making requirements through the application of advanced analysis tools and techniques. Read more

17 Sep 2009

Water Research Commission Electronic Water Knowledge Hub launched

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(September 2009) Pretoria, South Africa – The Water Research Commission (WRC) launched its new website developed by Ceenex on the 17th September 2009 in Midrand. In an effort to increase ease of access to knowledge and to encourage the creation of an active water research community, the WRC has completed Phase 1 of the development Read more