Ceenex and Chillisoft launches the ADISA App at the WISA 2016 conference

This tablet-based application (App) enables Water Purification Plant and Wastewater Treatment Plant operators to capture plant performance parameters for various process control points on a set interval (e.g. two-hourly). Notification is immediately flagged to the operator should results exceed the standards set for a specific control point, and management is notified when critical limits are exceeded and when failures become frequent. Management can view a dashboard and detailed reports on the web of the water quality and consumption patterns and is able to report its operational compliance and performance.

The App uploads results as they are entered via GPRS/3G to the Cloud. The system was developed to work equally well in rural areas where there are frequent connection issues by storing entered data until a reliable connection can be made. The data a stored centrally, relieving the plant of the burden of maintaining the technology infrastructure.

For more information, see http://www.chillisoft.co.za/adisa/ or contact Michele McDonald 0n 082-412-4509