Ceenex and Norbridge provide insight on process improvement and the application of modeling tools in the mining industry


(May 2011) McLean, VA – Martin Franklin (Ceenex LC) and Pete Fordham (Norbridge, Inc.) hosted a seminar on “Process Improvement and the Application of Modeling Tools in the Mining Industry” as part of the 5th International Industry Summit on Mining Performance recently held in Rapid City, SD. The Summit brings together top leaders in the industry, and attendees share their expertise on cost containment, increasing safety and productivity performance, organizational change, risk management, and sustainability towards improving business improvement efforts.

Ceenex and Norbridge highlighted how mining productivity has declined significantly across commodities, impacting cost. While costs have risen, prices have risen even faster, so mining profits have continued to rise. They pointed out that once prices begin to drop, significant attention will return to productivity and cost challenges. They further noted that while productivity has declined, modeling tools have evolved, providing powerful capabilities to support mining companies as they aim to ramp up performance.

Case studies demonstrated the successful application of modeling and simulation tools across different commodities and application areas. It was evident that modeling provides a competitive advantage to those corporations adopting it towards informed decision making. Furthermore, as highlighted in the Newest Tools and Modeling Developments session, there are numerous tools available to bring complexity under control.

Ceenex and Norbridge also conducted a survey among Summit registrants, investigating the Application of Modeling Tools in the Mining Industry. Survey results showed major opportunity to leverage modeling tools and capabilities to improve mining performance.

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