Simio 8 released


In Simio’s continued effort to pursue Forward Thinking, they are proud to announce that Simio 8 will be available for download early December 2015!

Simio has made great strides to make awesome advancements since Release 7.124 this summer. In addition to the launch of Simio Portal, Simio has also added some great features. Some of the features include:
• Enhanced the Task Sequence / Processing Tasks features within the Server to provide the flexibility of specifying multiple resources for any given task
• Material related changes such as including enhancements to the Reserve, UnReserve, Produce and Consume steps
• Task Sequences option on processing has been added to Combiner/Separator objects for greater flexibility in scheduling
• Significant new enhancements to Enterprise scheduling features and Gantt charts
• New scheduling book and examples included with the install

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