The following videos illustrate the use and application of some of the Ceenex simulation toolkits. We apply object based modeling approaches in order to build complex decision models. If you have any questions with regards to the models and toolkits featured here, please contact us.

Ceenex mine modeling and simulation using Simio

Demonstration of some mining models developed by Ceenex, using the breakthrough Simio rapid modeling 3D discrete event simulation software. Models include pit mining, underground mining (vertical and decline operations), processing plant, haulage (rail and road) and port logistics.
Modeling and simulation provide a means toward informed decision making, therein efficiently minimizing risk and effectively maximizing return on investment for the domain being analyzed.

Boikarabelo mine modeled with Simio

A simulation model, as developed by Ceenex, of the planned Resource Generation Boikarabelo Mine using the latest Simio rapid modeling 3D discrete event simulation software.
The project incorporated a complex network of conveyors and multiple ore types flowing through the system.

Open-pit modeling and simulation with Simio

Demonstration of an open-pit simulation model developed by Ceenex using the breakthrough Simio rapid modeling 3D discrete event simulation software. The video demonstrates some of the animation and camera control capabilities available with Simio. Beyond animation, the model captures detailed data of the equipment utilization and throughput for analysis purposes.

Mine Layout Model

The Ceenex mine simulation toolkit provides the functionality of building and configuring a basic mining operation.
This toolkit forms the basis for evaluating scenarios in mining operations. It enables the rapid development of entire shaft systems and supports processes and rules which includes hoisting, level production, shaft bleed down, conveyor control, monorail systems and maintenance and failure interlocking.

Rail Model Toolkit: Surface Haulage

The Ceenex rail model toolkit has been applied to model a complex surface haulage layout.
This model includes scheduled production from various shaft systems and the related haulage of ore on a defined rail track by means of utilizing a set number of trains and hoppers. Complex rail logic are supported.

Rail Model Toolkit: Underground Haulage

The rail model toolkit has been applied to underground rail haulage to assist with decision making on various logistic operation scenarios.
This complex model incorporate scheduled production of ore types, assigning trains to collect the ore whilst adhering to traveling routes and solving congestion, men/material and equipment transportation, skips clearing the level passes, etc.

Mining Room Activity Toolkit

The Ceenex mining room activity toolkit provides for specific panel configuration within a mine.
This toolkit has been applied to dynamically determine operational design, logistics and production output for various mining procedures and sequences on different panel layouts. It could also be configured to model mechanized mining operations.

State Flow Toolkit

The Ceenex state flow toolkit provides the functionality of building dynamic state diagrams as part of state flow modeling for a specific object.
This toolkit could be effectively applied in numerous ways to assist with modeling the changes in state of an object in an event driven model.
The simulation model use these state flows to simulate activity in accelerated time.