Mining: Application of Theory of Constraints in Mining; Simulation Modeling

Theory of Constrains (TOC) provides a framework for evaluating the constraints in a system preventing it from performing better. It also provides a simple method for managing and optimizing the throughput of a system by reducing the impact of disturbances on the flow (Murphy). Together with modeling and simulation tools it provides a means for mines to effective and efficiently validate new designs, improve planning and optimize operations. Models encapsulating a systems operational logic, configuration and parameters are termed “knowledge bases” and serve as invaluable decision support tools. Together, TOC and Simulation Modeling provide a tool to mine management from conceptual design to mine closure to test and optimize all aspects of the mining process.

Quantitative modeling tools and the means of analyzing and identifying process improvement opportunities have come a long way over the past few years. Traditional simulation studies focused on design applications, whereas more recently the value of simulation in planning and execution presents an untapped opportunity.

Ceenex follows an object oriented systems approach to modeling. Because the models are object based, they are often migrated to operational management systems such as optimizing tools, schedulers and simulation based schedulers, used for training or used to test control systems and transaction systems (including integration with enterprise resource planning systems).

Ceenex is capable of applying various modeling and simulation tools and techniques to a project, depending on the relevant case environment and requirements. We have a long history of developing simulation solutions for the mining industry in South Africa and Internationally. These include mathematical, financial and statistical concepts either applied directly or incorporated within different software models as applicable. We are an authorized representative/partner to a number of “best in breed” modeling and simulation software products, including Simio and Gensym G2.

Modeling and simulation videosThe videos section demonstrate some of our toolkits and sample models as applied to various client concerns.
Mining case studiesThe qualifications section highlight case studies within mining and logistics, emphasizing the value added through the application of TOC and Simulation Modeling.