Our technology and information engineering work relates to the design and development of information infrastructure. This includes specification and procurement management of integrated resources planning systems, design and implementation support of information management systems, decision support systems, knowledge hubs, and command control systems. We also provide “best in breed” modeling and simulation software and client training.

The Ware concept as developed by CeenexCeenex has developed a unique framework to assess information infrastructure and to design appropriate strategies. The Ceenex “ware” components are depicted in the figure alongside and has been successfully applied to numerous client interactions.

Ceenex has extensive experience in developing customized technology gap closure offerings for clients, typically referred to as web-based mini-ERP solutions. Systems developed to date include, amongst others: timesheet management system, resolution tracking system, strategic positioning system, customer query tracking system, environmental management object system, etc.

Furthermore, Ceenex provides technical software and hardware support, as well as design, development and support of Management Information Systems. We have experience in the Microsoft platform, as well as various open source initiatives.

ADISAButtonCeenex, together with Chillisoft, developed ADISA, a Real Time Plant Monitoring system for Water and Wastewater plants. See ADISA for more information on this product.


Finally, Ceenex is an authorized partner of  Simio – a “best in breed” modeling and simulation software product.

Please contact us if you want to learn more about our technology offerings.