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What is Simio?

Simio is a unique multi-paradigm modeling tool that combines the simplicity of objects with the flexibility of processes to provide a rapid modeling capability without requiring programming.

Simio can be used to predict and improve the performance of dynamic, complex systems in mining, healthcare, military, airports, manufacturing, supply chain, ports, lean-six-sigma and other disciplines.

Why Simio?

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Simio 7, the latest major release, is currently available in the following editions:

Simio Express

Now for the first time you can get a powerful and fully functional 3D object-based modeling and animation system at an affordable price ($4,850).  Simio Express uses the Simio Standard Library to provide you with a powerful and flexible 3D modeling environment for rapid modeling.   Simio Express is ideal for casual and serious users of simulation who want to rapidly build eye-catching and realistic models of their systems.

Experience the real difference in modeling speed that a true 3D object-based modeling environment gives you compared to older 2D, process-only based tools.

To learn more about Simio Express, click here.

Simio Design Edition

Simio Design is our standard product and includes the Standard Library for getting started with Simio, but adds a unique and powerful capability (patent pending) that allows you to modify the logic of your objects using add-on process-oriented logic.  This version of the software also provides you with the ability to create and distribute your own custom modeling libraries. Simio Design is the ideal product for professional modelers that want to have full control over complex process logic or want to develop new modeling libraries focused on specific applications areas.

Simio Team Edition

Simio Team has the same functionality provided by Simio Design, but also lets you build and distribute models using the freely available Simio Evaluation version as a runtime platform. Models built with the Team Edition will run and generate results with the Simio Evaluation version. Simio Team is ideal for consultants that want to deliver a running model to their customer without requiring them to purchase Simio. The Team Edition also provides the capability to distribute scenarios and replications across other computers in your workgroup.

Simio Enterprise Edition

Simio Enterprise adds a powerful set of patent-pending features to extend the Team Edition capabilities into daily operational support. Extend the use and lifespan of your previously built Simio models or build and execute new models for Risk-based Planning and Scheduling(RPS). Custom tailor reports, graphs, and tables for use by schedulers. Reduce your risk and costs by analyzing your schedules in ways never before possible. Learn more.

Simio Scheduling Edition

Simio Scheduling Edition provides planners and schedulers with a customized interface including the tools they need to get the most out of your facility. Scheduling Edition allows generating schedules, performing risk and cost analysis, investigating potential improvements, and viewing 3D animations. Requires that an Enterprise Edition be used to create the model and customize the interface seen by schedulers.

OptQuest for Simio

OptQuest for Simio is available as an add-on to the standard Simio products. OptQuest tightly integrates with Simio experiments and uses state-of-the-art algorithms, including Tabu Search, Neural Networks, Scatter Search, and Linear/Integer Programming to generate and evaluate scenarios in search of optimal configurations.

Simio Evaluation and Training Edition

Simio Evaluation and Training Edition is a free trial version of Simio. This version of Simio puts no limits on what you can model and is fully functional for small models. The ability to save your work is disabled for larger models. You can also use the Simio Evaluation Edition to open and run models that have been built by the Simio Team Edition. Once you purchase a license you may activate the evaluation software and begin saving your models.

Download the Simio Simulation Software Evaluation Edition Free

Ceenex has the following basic and advanced Simio training courses available:

Introduction to Simio

This one day course provides a fast start to using Simio to effectively solve real problems. It starts with a brief overview of simulation technology and appropriate use, and the Simio modeling framework. Then the Simio Standard Library is used to solve a variety of problems exploring the fixed and dynamic objects, and the various ways entities move through the model and interact with other objects. It then overviews innovative features to work with model data and ends with interpretation of simulation results.

This course is appropriate for all audiences and is recommended for those who may use simulation infrequently, or who desire a lighter command of simulation technology. In particular the early sessions of the course are appropriate for those who manage or work with simulationists.

Simio Standard Training

This three-day training session starts with the same material covered in the Introduction to Simio course. Significant time will be spent on extending model logic with add-on processes and building object definitions. It will add extra depth to the previously covered topics of working with model data and interpreting simulation results. It will end with a discussion of how to ensure the success of your simulation projects. This course is often supplemented with topics of special interest to the attendees and/or project jump-start advice.

This course is recommended for anyone who is interested in doing large or frequent simulation projects.

Accelerated Simio Training

This two- to three-day course is similar to the Simio Standard Training, but will focus on the Simio product itself, and will not cover general simulation topics like appropriate use of simulation, simulation benefits, statistical analysis, and project success skills. It covers all of the Simio-specific topics at a slightly faster pace and in greater detail. This course is often supplemented with topics of special interest to the attendees and/or project jump-start advice.

This course is appropriate only for technical people with previous simulation background.

Ceenex is an authorized representative of Simio. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about Simio.

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