Ceenex hosts golf day in support of people with Acquired Brain Injury

Ceenex continues to provide support to BrainLife that far exceeds its responsibility as one of the non-profit organisation’s (NPO) corporate-social investment (CSI) partners.

Since the NPO’s inception, the firm has been undertaking volunteer work on behalf of BrainLife and helping to finance many of its initiatives that support people with acquired brain injury (ABI) and their loved ones.

Ceenex will also be hosting a golf day on behalf of BrainLife at

Wingate Park Country Club in Tshwane on 22 October 2021. The company has invited various companies, including clients, to participate in the event. It will provide an ideal opportunity for existing and potential donors and CSI partners to learn more about the significant positive impact that BrainLife’s various programmes are having on the lives of so many South Africans and raise funds towards their cause.

“Ceenex was our very first volunteer and we appreciate the firm’s ongoing assistance, especially during these very difficult economic conditions that have made it increasingly difficult to find potential donors and CSI partners. We were delighted to hear that Ceenex was once again willing to assist us by arranging and hosting this golf day on our behalf,” Cindy Holzhausen, General Manager of BrainLife, says.

More recently, Ceenex also assisted BrainLife establish a shop that sells pre-owned items in a very poor area of Mamelodi. Revenue generated from this initiative is being used to help uplift members of the community with ABI and their support networks.

ABI refers to any type of brain damage that occurs after birth. This can include, among others, damage sustained by infection, disease, lack of oxygen or a blow to the head.

The damage is irreversible. People with ABI experience increased mental and physical fatigue. Their ability to process information, plan and solve problems may also be altered. Moreover, there may be changes in their behaviour and personality, physical and sensory abilities, or capacity to think and learn. It can also be extremely devastating and a life-changing experience for friends and family.

Last year, alone, the NPO provided about 8 126 therapy hours either telephonically or at its branches in Mamelodi and Wilgers. BrainLife also donated more than 2 100 food parcels and 700 lunches, as well as in excess of 80l of sanitizer to people with ABI and their loved ones.

Meanwhile, BrainLife’s arts and crafts programmes are also used as therapy and to teach people with ABI new skills. They also earn a modest income from the sale of these items.

Andre’ Smit, a Ceenex Director, says he is proud of the firm’s ongoing association with BrainLife.

“BrainLife are more than just a CSI partner. We have become close friends over the years. Cindy and her team know our staff and many of our clients at a personal level. Ceenex will continue to support a team that is helping to build a better South Africa for all its citizens,” Smit concludes.

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