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The Ceenex (Pty) Ltd Telecoms Team describes itself as an enabler in the Telecoms industry.


Ceenex, through its comprehensive knowledge and experience with specifications and implementation strategies of authorities and telecoms service providers countrywide, enables the implementation of new telecoms infrastructure in South Africa. These relationships are fused together by finding a common goal through technical engineering solutions for the successful and rapid deployment of new telecommunication infrastructure throughout South Africa.


Ceenex has in the past 5 years enabled and implemented approximately 1 000 km of Overhead and Underground telecommunication infrastructure throughout South Africa. Connecting business and communities to enable growth and sustainable communication strategies.

Ceenex offers a unique variety of services across the Telecommunication Value Chain. Ceenex through its team of experienced consultants offers the following services which in turn assists telecoms service providers to reach their business and financial milestones.


The Ceenex product offering can further be described as follows:

  • Project & Construction Management 

  • Network Architecture Design and Planning

  • Wayleaves

  • Geo-technical

  • Quality Control & Assurance

  • Safety and Traffic Safety Implementation

  • Specialised Services 

Project & Construction Management

Ceenex offers two distinct services for the application of Project and Construction Management tools to clients. Firstly, it offers a more high level yet hands on service which will include the management of the project implementation in terms of adherence to specification, quality control, technical & engineering problem solving, project snagging and sign off with authorities.


The second service includes a more in-depth approach through offering full time ILO of PM services to clients in order to successfully manage and implement single projects or a portfolio of projects in terms basic project and construction management principles through the project lifecycle.




Network Architecture Design and Planning 

The network architecture needs to be carefully designed to provide for customer requirements, possible future growth if required and sustainable development. This section will entail detail design of the build. In order to perform a network design, a site-specific survey will be conducted which will require the technician to have access to the Landlord’s Facility.


This section entails the following main activities:


  • Site specific survey

  • Analysis of existing infrastructure

  • Development of route/site or spur design drawings

  • Development of planning document in accordance with specification

  • Development of basic Bill of Quantities

  • Submission of documentation

All designs will be conducted on an orthophoto backdrop to ensure the build is visible and clear to the contractor. The design drawings can either be done on Google Earth by means of kml lined or alternatively on GIS software using cadastral information and orthophoto imagery. Below is an example of the GIS software drawings used by Ceenex planning office.


The planning and design services includes specific focus on the following:

  • FTTX solutions

  • GIS Solutions

  • CAD layouts

  • Cadastral verification

  • Route design



The key to obtaining wayleaves is to have an in depth understanding of the Authority’s Specifications as well as to Present and Submit accurate, detailed and site-specific wayleave design drawings. The Ceenex team has invested during the past years in establishing key relationship with various municipal, provincial and national authorities. Through its engagement created an in depth understanding of their requirements and expectations which results in improved turnaround times.


Ceenex offers wayleave services across all provinces for the following:

  • Local municipalities

  • District municipalities

  • Provincial roads departments

  • National roads departments

  • Transnet

  • Gautrain

  • All services wayleaves






In-situ soil conditions are usually unknown during the design phase of fibre networks. The Ceenex team is trained to assist in minimising the impact of in-situ soil conditions on project execution by providing site specific technical solutions in terms of depth, method of construction and layer works design. Emphasis is given to the following geotechnical activities:

  • Soil classification

  • Dolomitic solutions

  • Backfill and compaction design

  • Road cut backfill design

  • Steep slopes and embankments stabilisation

  • Storm water and erosion control

  • Ground water solutions





Quality Control & Assurance

Ceenex offers a wide variety of QA/QC functions for project implementation. Its ISO 9001 accreditation provide a quality frameworks and document control system which ensures peace of mind to clients as well as ensures proper record keeping principles are adhered to. The Ceenex team is further trained on most intrastate specifications such as SANS and COLTO.

Ceenex offers QA/QC officers to clients as well as the implementations of QA/QC activities during site supervision.






Safety and Traffic Safety Implementation

The Ceenex approach to safety implementation is a zero-tolerance approach. We offer safety audits on sub-contractors as well as include safety adherence to our site supervision services. Due to various constraints in terms of road reserve widths, road crossing by means of overhead services or conventional trenching methods are inevitable. With extensive knowledge on the road traffic safety manual we offer design services of various scenarios of traffic management plans and designs.








Specialised Services

Ceenex further differentiates itself by offer the following specialised services to its clients:

  • Concrete rebar scanning

  • Water use licence applications

  • EIA and Basic Assessment Applications

  • Storm water design solutions

  • River and Bridge crossing design

  • Shoring design for deep trenches

  • Construction method statements

  • Traffic management

  • Ground water solutions for deep trenches and manholes

  • Product development input



Communication Tower Design & Construction Management

Ceenex has during the past few years successfully implemented approximately 100 Communication Tower projects. Services rendered on these projects included the Geotechnical investigation of the tower site, detail design of structural bases and elements, construction supervision, quality control, weld and connection inspections and sign off.


Various design variations have been implemented such as Hollow Pole Towers, Steel Frame as well as Single Mast towers ranging from 30 to 40 m in height.

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