Business Engineering Solutions

Our Business Engineering Discipline applies simulation modelling and optimisation, together with the principles of the Theory of Constraints, to better understand the complexity and inter-dependency of the various entities and functions of companies. These provide insight into end-to-end operations and inform short-, medium- and long-term decision making.

Ceenex has an impressive track-record providing cutting-edge Business Engineering solutions to leading companies operating in the mining and metals, transport logistics and manufacturing industries.

Improved decision making in mining

A case in point is the cutting-edge industry knowledge and Industrial Engineering techniques that we deploy to enable our mining clients to achieve better product mixes and higher throughput, while also improving resource utilisation.  This is made possible by integrating our detail modelling into the planning and production processes.

Ceenex also harnesses the wealth of knowledge and real-time data generated by mining digitization to further improve decision making. This is by embedding these insights into short- and medium-term decision-making simulation tools. These determine the probability of delivering according to the mine plan, taking into consideration existing operating parameters. They also identify bottlenecks in processes to optimise the mine and execution plan via scenario analysis. Our decision-making tools also predict future KPIs and cost measures for specific operations within the production process, as well as for the final product.

An object-orientated systems approach

Ceenex adopts an object-oriented systems approach to modelling. Object-based models are often migrated to operational-management systems, such as optimizing tools, schedulers and simulation-based schedulers. Simulation-based schedulers are used for training or to test control systems and transaction systems, including integration with enterprise resource planning systems.

Depending on the case environment and requirements, we deploy various modelling and simulation tools and techniques. This is based on an impressive track-record developing simulation solutions for international industries. These include mathematical, financial and statistical concepts, either as standalone tools or integrated within existing applications or systems. We also use several “best-in-breed” off-the-shelf modelling and simulation software products, including Simio and Gensym G2.

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