Simulation And Financial Analysis to Compare Different Stockpiling Alternatives Using Containers

Project overview

Ceenex developed a dynamic simulation model of a mine-to-ship logistics system for a leading mining client in South Africa. This was to determine the system requirements and throughput capability, as well as the financial viability of the mining operation. This enabled us to determine the number of bulk containers to use; depot stockpile sizes; number of required haul trucks and ground slots in the port; and annual throughput and total cost of ownership. Results from the simulation model informed the financial model by comparing cost, risk and return alternatives. The financial model was, therefore, based on a viable option with the correct equipment sizes and considered variability.


Simulation and financial modelling, as well as scheduling.

Key statistics

Simulation modelling indicated the extent to which the third-party depot contributes to system flexibility and throughput and enabled us to reduce the number of bulk containers required. Further scenario and financial analysis determined the optimum train and vessel size for the lowest cost and highest return.

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