Dynamic Simulation Modelling of the Mining Cycle of an Underground Manganese Mine

Project overview

Ceenex was appointed by a mining client in the Northern Cape to develop a detailed dynamic simulation model of the underground manganese mining cycle of several of its teams. The model was based on the mine layout to incorporate traffic flow and team movement between the shaft and various work areas. The mining cycle of each face was simulated from preparation to blasting before the next face becomes available. Our model determined system bottlenecks; maximum throughput capability; and operating philosophy of the system. This was to achieve maximum throughput availability in a sustainable manner, while also allowing enough time to analyse samples for each.


Dynamic simulation modelling.

Key statistics

Our simulation model indicated the optimum schedule, as well as equipment and working conditions required to achieve the desired throughput for a multi-team operation. This is in addition to proposing various solutions to increase throughput.

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